Gettin' Exposure!

Hello friendlies, Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by to read my comics. You will notice at the top left of the page a little button that says TWC top comics. When you click on that little button and vote for my comic, it will slowly creep its way up towards the top ten. That translates into free advertising for my comics! So if you want to share your enjoyment for my stuff, help me let others know with just a couple clicks of your mouse. XD

In other news, my wife and I will be moving from Alaska to somewhere in the lower 48. At the time of this writing, we have no idea where we are headed, maybe Missouri? But we do know that our move will take place on the first of September. So I will be out of commission for a few weeks. But not to let my site go unupdated, I will put up a series of sketches and such for you to view while I make my transition from one home to another.

I truly appreciate your readership, making you smile makes me smile!

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Mandu's Art Blog!

I'm doing some sketching at present to improve my skills.

I'm reading Drawn to life by Walt Stachfield. I strongly recommend this book to any comic artist looking to increase her abilities. This book and it's second volume are like a college course given in frank, easy to understand language by a man who you could have known for years.

There is a lot of emphasis on gesture drawing, capturing the emotion of the lines and how they help make a static image appear as though it might move on it's own.

I love these books because I love learning art but I do horribly in a classroom setting. On top of that, with a combined cost of about 36 dollars, the wealth of knowledge offered at this price is a steal.

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More Practice Animation!

Here's my second attempt at animation. :P

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